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About Dreams For Real

Our Mission is To Help People Uncover & Live Their Dreams at Work. Dreams For Real aims to help you achieve your life’s purpose by offering information products including books, seminars, newsletters and speeches that can be used as tools to make your career dreams a reality.

The Dream Law of Attraction: When people take positive focused action in the direction of their Dreams, they attract to themselves like-minded people and opportunities.

Our Manifesto:

  • Everyone… yes everyone has a Dream Career within them. Your task is not to look for it out in the world. Rather it is to realize your unique genius within just waiting for you to uncover it.
  • We are all equally worthy. Don’t look to others with envy. No one can be YOU as well as you. You don’t need fixing! You are fine just the way you are. You may just need someone to guide you to your own unique special gifts, which you will then be able to share with the world.
  • We believe people act in ways beneficial to them with the choices available to them at the time. At Dreams For Real we help people see more choices they have so they can choose better.
  • If you can’t see your Dream Career, it is most likely because your “fear self” is blocking your view. And the wild thing is that even if someone tells you that your fear self is blocking your view, you still won’t be able to see it. That’s the vicious cycle.
  • We don’t believe we were put on this earth to “just get through the week and live for the weekend”. Make everyday your weekend day.
  • The compass to find your own Dream Career is your inner feelings. Yet most people’s emotional compass is rusty… very rusty.
  • If you are feeling stifled, frustrated or dissatisfied with your work now, know that you won’t FEEL better until you act. (or, you can’t think your way to better mental health).
  • Taking action in the direction of your dreams is one of the scariest things you will experience – then go and take a baby step.
  • The only way to move from fear to happiness is to go across “Discomfort Bridge”. There is no easy route. Even when you know this, you will still probably test this theory many times.
  • You can only tell if you are on the right path when you crossed the bridge and are on the path. You will not be able to tell while standing on this side of Discomfort Bridge.
  • Life is an adventure. It is not all about reaching goals but it is what you feel as you move in the direction of your most passionate feelings and achieve goals along the way. Conversely, if you are moving in the wrong direction it will be difficult to feel happy even if you reach high goals…. So enjoy the journey.   

Dreams for Real Inc. products are aimed at drawing out people’s hidden unique treasures. Concepts are based on real research. Techniques being used have proven success and are supported in private practice and medical psychotherapeutic literature. Dreams For Real Inc. founder is Samuel Gerstein. Click link below to learn about Sam.

Who Is Samuel Gerstein?

Sam Gerstein image photo picture

Samuel Gerstein has been working in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. He has witnessed the toll that stress can take on people’s lives.
He found an abundance of information about work stress and how many people are dissatisfied in their careers but little in the way of how to turn that around.

This motivated him to conduct his own independent research into the field of positive psychology. He wanted to find people who loved their work. He was curious to learn how they found it in the first place. He also was keenly interested to discover the positive effects of doing what you love had on their career enjoyment, health, relationships and overall life satisfaction.

This research took him to interview over 200 people in many different sectors of society – from agriculture to paleontology, from Main Street to Bay Street and from the financial district to the artist’s way.

He published 40 of the best stories in his book, “Live Your Dreams: Doctor’s Orders“.

“This book is a thrilling antidote for the needless poisons that consume us in our lives, the negative emotions we see and feel expressed around us, the negative stories told in the media as if there was nothing positive to be said. Read the Doctor, feel his heart, and say to yourself, ain’t life grand when a man of medicine has made the commitment of love on our behalf. I love it!” 

Michael Gerber, Chief Dreamer,


“You can change your life or your attitude towards your life. We are all capable of change when we have the desire and intention to do so. This book can help coach and guide you and show you that reinventing yourself is possible.” 

Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Prescriptions For Living


“Dr. Gerstein introduces us to 40 individuals who have accomplished the impossible to reach profound success. It is through the guidance of those who have traveled the path before us that we can learn to achieve our own life dreams. This book is a priceless treasure of tried-and-true wisdom for all ages.”

Nido Qubein, President, High Point University, Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.


 “Dr. Gerstein has shown us, through many real examples, how we can convert dreams from aspiration to reality. If you have a dream, but have not realized it yet, read this book and inspire yourself to action!”

Dr. Lance Secretan, Author, ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership.


 “The people in these stories will serve as role models for anyone who wants to live their dreams.”

Robin Sharma, #1 Bestselling author of The Greatness Guide.


He found many benefits of a Dream Career:

  • Cut your work stress significantly
  • Lessen your anxiety and depression risk
  • Decrease your potential for burnout
  • Lower your risk of chronic pain and headaches
  • Significantly decrease your risk of heart disease, ulcers and high blood pressure among other serious illnesses
  • Lower your need to drink or take other drugs to soothe your tensions
  • Realize that your limitations were not about you; they were caused by you getting into a job that didn’t match your real talents, passions and purpose.

It will also:

  • Add years to your life
  • Give you a purpose and meaning
  • Learn that everyone has marketable talents and understand your own
  • Derive pleasure from doing what you love
  • Get energized by your vocation
  • Improve your other relationships
  • Be happier
  • Be healthier
  • Feel more valued and fulfilled
  • Feel like you are making more of a contribution to others
  • Learn how to wake up your creative talented self that has been lying dormant within you for years
  • Develop more confidence in yourself.
  • Feel a sense of inner peace when you align your work with your true self

He started his company Dreams For Real, with the intent of helping other people not only dream about doing what you love but making it real – learning the tools to make it happen.

Sam Gerstein has facilitated workshops in both the U.S. and Canada. Sam Gerstein has used many of the techniques and lessons gleaned from the research and his psychotherapy practice to create the online program – “Discover Your Own Dream Career“.