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There Are 3 Types Of People Doing What They Love

Doing what you love at work is so beneficial:

  • more happiness
  • less stress
  • better health
  • improved relationships
  • greater inner satisfaction
  • increased wealth
  • more productive
  • and many more benefits…

 You may be wondering, if it has so many benefits, why… Continue reading

Don’t Build Your Future Based On Your Kolbe Score

Deciding on your future career/business is a very important decision.I do not believe it should be left in someone else’s -anyone else’s hands but yours. Yes, I know it is a monumental task deciding on how you are going to… Continue reading

Getting Stuck In The Same Old Pattern

Do you find yourself spinning your wheels in pursuit of your goals?

Many people come to me for help because they are frustrated by their problems. It’s not the problems themselves that are too big but it is the SAME… Continue reading

“Why There Is Nothing Wrong With You”

I see so many people in my private practice who believe they are not smart enough, not good enough or unworthy in some way. They even do their best to prove to me why they are right by citing many… Continue reading

“Your FEELINGS – The Secret To Choosing Your Career”

We were all given a compass for life. Unfortunately many people were not taught how to use it. As a result many compasses have become rusty from neglect.

What is the compass within all human beings that I am referring… Continue reading

“Is It Possible To Have A ‘Happy’ New Year?”

“Happy New Year!” – Around this time every year this is a familiar refrain. We ask people how they enjoyed their December break and wish them a happy time for the upcoming year. But do we really want to wish… Continue reading

“If You Think You Are Screwed Up, You May Be Just Skewed Up”

I make people cry!

Yes, at first I was hesitant to admit it but now I realize that is one of my biggest strengths. As a therapist I often sit across from someone who comes in and tells me all… Continue reading

“Stop Trying To Improve Yourself”


I was recently in a book store and I came across the “self-improvement” section. For some reason that sign perturbed me. I have worked with hundreds of people and I haven’t met one that needed “improvement”. I know, that… Continue reading

“A New Way To Look At ‘Failure'”


Recently in Toronto, Ashley Good put on the inaugural “Fail Forward” Conference. I read about it in the National Post and love the idea. It is about teaching people that it is okay to fail. This kind of… Continue reading

“The Burnt Out Accountant”


In my practice a new     client, Joseph (his name    and some details of his  story has been changed  to protect his  confidentiality) came to  see me because he was  stressed… Continue reading