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 Master The Mental Game Program

Online Course

Once you sign up for this digital online course, you will be given a password and will be taken to the membership site where you can start the program immediately. You will be given access to the whole program with an introduction to outline how to get the best out of this course. It should take you about  5 weeks to go through the 5 modules in the course. At the end of the course you will be given a blueprint that you can print off or download to carry with you so you can practice and use the mental fitness skills whenever and wherever you need it and with whomever you are with.  

 At the End of the Program You Will...

Get Freedom

Get Freedom from a job you that has kept you trapped and begin pursuing your Dream Business

Feel Calmer

Feel more inner peace 

Increase Your Confidence

Begin to realize your true worth in business  

Reduce Your Stress

Decrease your anxiety, worry and frustration

Stop Feeling Exhausted

Start feeling more energized and excited. Make life an adventure instead of a chore

Regain Your Authenticity

Get clarity to your 'True Self' - the only part of you that can steer you to your Dream Business  

My purpose is to help entrepreneurs-at-heart find and live their purpose

I have spent thousands of hours researching the latest in neuroscience and work stress and I have applied these lessons to myself and my clients. In the last 12 years I have gained much more insight into the connection between the mind and the body and between stress, pain & sickness than I ever did before. And now I want to pass what I learned about managing stress to you.

The good news is that I know you are probably not as enthusiastic about research as I am so I have distilled everything I learned into an easily understandable formula – Just 3 steps Away©.
I love teaching this to others and sharing what I learned. I wish someone had done that for me. It would have saved me time, money and a whole lot of struggle.
it’s my mission, my Dharma, and my passion, to help others learn who their True Self is and begin to manage their blind spots to optimize their path to their purpose.

Inside the 

Master The Mental Game Program


This is a step-by-step system to change your stress in real time. You don't have to resort to drinking, smoking, eating, or social media to distract you. With this method, you are always Just 3 Steps Away from calm and confidence, clarity and connectedness, no matter how bad you are feeling in the moment. In these 5 modules of training, I will take you by the hand and walk you through each step of the 3-step process.  NOTE: This isn’t meditation or mindfulness or breathing techniques although those tools are a small part of this system.

Module 1: Calling Forward Your True Self to Lead

  • Uncovering the Leader within - Learn who YOU really are – your ‘True Self’. That is what has been lying dormant in each of you for years,  just waiting to come out.
  • Learn an easy method to quickly shift into your True Self (sometimes referred to as Higher Self or Best Self) anytime, anywhere and with anyone.
  • Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your True Self for better, more empowering options to your challenges. (you don’t need to get rid of your challenges)
  • Learn how to mobilize normal stress to your advantage
  • Module 2: Becoming Aware of Your Blind Spots

  • Identify earlier when you are in the stress zone
  • Learn what mental blind spots are.
  • Get to know the most common blind spots entrepreneurs have - these include the Worrier, the People Pleaser, the Avoider and the Inner Critic.
  • Discover YOUR particular blind spots - your key patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Learn the thoughts and feelings you have with these behaviour patterns
  • Begin to understand that these patterns are not a reflection of who you really are – this alone has allowed many people to see their situation in a whole new light
  • Module 3: Preparing Your Body to Reduce Stress

    • Learn what neuroscience has revealed about the right order of getting your body prepared to decrease your stress. (Hint: telling yourself to “calm down” or “relax” has proved futile.)
    • Just as you prepare the soil before you plant the seeds, here you will learn a quick and pragmatic way to put your body into the optimal energy state before you can change your focus and take charge of your Blind Spots.


    Module 4: Taking Care of Your Blind Spots

  • Understand how your Blind Spots' reactive impulses pull you in different directions
  • Like any team, learn how to manage these Blind Spots with your True Self
  • Understand why being compassionate to your Blind Spots is more effective than trying to get rid of them
  • Use your True Self to effectively manage and be compassionate to that PART of you that is usually triggered when you are under stress.
  • Yes, as opposed to what most people think, you don’t have to get rid of these parts of you. This is a COMPLETELY NEW way to deal with your inner stresses. It is a simple, elegant 3-step process you can use quickly anywhere, any time and in any situation. With this system you will no longer feel like you have to fight yourself. 
  • Module 5: Blueprint  to Manage Your Blind Spots - Putting it All Together

  • You will receive a Blueprint of the Just 3 Steps Away Methodology
  • This is a memory jogger you can download so you can use it to manage your Blind Spots anywhere, anytime and with anyone.
  • Learn a NEW way to start your day that will give you more clarity, energy and passion for what you do and make this a daily practice and a Blueprint you can use for the rest of your life.
  • So, Who is this Program for?

  • Wannabe Entrepreneurs 25 – 55, who are stressed and disengaged in their jobs but feel too afraid to leave
  • Hard workers and professionals who may be doing well financially but don’t feel engaged or connected to the work they are doing – and working harder doesn’t bring them closer to feeling fulfilled
  • Execs who are feeling stuck, frustrated and exhausted and want to make a difference in the world but don’t know what to do.
  • Lifelong learners looking for a meaningful blueprint for the second half of their working life
  • Creative workers whose creativity is being blocked and are searching for ways to express themselves freely  
  • People who want to start their own business but don’t, because they feel like imposters
  • Sales people who have trouble handling rejection
  • People who do too much to please others and don’t take care of themselves enough
  • Business owners who are too hard on others, (probably means that you are too hard on yourself)
  • People who get very tense, dry mouth, and panicky when they have to do a presentation
  • People who don’t think they are good enough unless their product or service is perfect
  • People who avoid dealing with conflict and difficult people 
  • People who are ready to take responsibility in managing their own stress level at work and in life.
  • So, Who is this Program Not for?

    • This program is not for people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own situation in life or if you are looking for someone to blame for your own stress level.
    • People who don’t want to look within themselves to find answers to their biggest challenges
    • People who want a magic trick for their stress. This program teaches you the three steps to manage your stress but you have to practice them.
    • People who have no trouble managing their stress level. Great – then you don’t need it.
    • People who have more severe symptoms and need professional help. Consult a professional mental health professional if you experience any of the following symptoms:
    • People who are paranoid and believe that most people are out to get them. 
    • People who have difficulty recognizing, identifying and describing their emotions. This is called alexithymia. You will have trouble even noticing your stress.
    • People who have such severe work stress that they are in Burnout
    • People who often feel the following symptoms when stressed: Numb, disconnected from yourself and others, hopelessness, dizzy, nausea, blurred vision, limp limbs; foggy thinking. This indicates that there very well might be trauma or attachment issues in your childhood.

    This is not Magic

    This program will require you to put work into it. But I can assure you, I have seen it many times with my clients, the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it. Do you consider yourself an adventurous person? If you said “yes”, then you will be very interested to learn how you can start getting in control of your mind today, instead of it controlling you.

    Case Studies of Entrepreneurs-at-heart who have been through the Program

    Steven and his 'Worrier' Blind Spot

    Steven came to see me in a panic state. In the office he was sweaty, his heart was pounding and he felt it was hard to take a deep breath. A competitor had moved into the neighbourhood and he had to close one of his sports stores because the losses were growing. He still had his flagship sports store but his employees encouraged him to seek help because when he showed up, he was just coming to work a “broken man”. He was dejected, feeling isolated. He continuously worried about losing his company. He told me he had never felt this way before. A long time ago, he had picked up the idea that failing – an exam, marriage or business – meant that HE was a Failure.   

    Going through the Blind Spots Program, Steven finally understood that was not true. He learned something astonishing: that failing was actually part of success! Instead of running away from failure, he began to anticipate it. He began to plan steps in advance if certain scenarios came to pass. Within 6 months, he had opened up another sports store with a different product focus and it is doing well. 

    Karen and her 'People Pleaser' Blind Spot

    I have a client who was feeling more and more annoyed because her client wasn’t paying her but was keeping her on the hook by offering her more work. She told me that she was trying to be “Nice” (her People Pleaser Blind Spot) and perhaps if she kept working hard, eventually her client would pay her. She worked harder but her client kept putting off her payment.

    Working with me in the J3SA Program, she learned that she didn’t have to ignore her negative emotions like frustration and irritation; she could honour them and listen to them. She began practicing this and before she got on the next call with her client a few weeks later, she called forward her True Self and calmly but assertively relayed her feelings to him. To her surprise, her client explained that he was having cash flow problems but it wasn’t fair to her to keep her hanging. He made a significant payment within a week of the call.

    Cheryl the Real Estate Agent and her 'Avoider' Blind Spot

    I had a client who was a real estate agent who wanted to increase her annual income. The answer was right in front of her but she couldn’t see it. She was avoiding selling in wealthier neighbourhoods, even though the foundation of real estate sales was the same in all areas of the city. When I asked her why she avoided those areas she said she didn’t need the hassle of those demanding clients.

    This was actually a cover for her biggest blind spot – Her ‘AVOIDER’ Part didn’t think she could stand up to these “strong” people.

    When she went through the Blind Spots Program, she learned how to manage her fearful AVOIDANCE part and its accompanying stress, and to manage these demanding clients with strong but diplomatic boundaries. With practice of the Just 3 Steps Away© methodology, it became a habit.

    The result was that she was less afraid when going to work AND she increased her income by 62% in 1 year! She was only sorry she didn’t learn this years ago.

    What is the Investment for this Program?

    I am going to share the dollar investment with you in a moment, but before I do, let me share with you why it may be the least expensive thing you ever purchased.

    In my years of treating people physically and emotionally and mentally, I have found that the #1 thing that brings more pain to people is their stress. People are subconsciously reacting to normal challenges and failures in life as if they are in mortal danger. They are OVER-reacting. And yet, most people are unaware of how much this hurts them or even how much stress they really have because they are so busy trying to get rid of all their stresses by avoidance or self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. Or these stresses lead to chronic back pain and migraine headaches or diseases like gastric reflux, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. And you spend so much time treating the pain and diseases that you never get to the root of the issue – your blind spots causing the stress.  

    What would you pay to avoid the pain and illnesses from suffering through 5 more years of high stress with your company?                                                            ... $1000?               ... $5,000?

    I hope your health is worth that much. People spend years in therapy trying to undo years of stress on their body. What is it worth to you to avoid that?

    Look at it from the other side – How much can your income grow when you have the newfound confidence to tackle any confrontation with the set of tools you will get in this training?  

                                       ...$10,000?     ...$20,000?

    For these live ‘Managing Your Stress’ seminars, people have paid over $500. But because I don’t have to incur all the costs of putting on a live seminar, I am able to give you a special offer.

    For those of you who are serious about taking control and managing your work stress,
    I am going to give this to you for only...

    $497   $297   

    [All funds in USD] You’ll be able to get to calm, confidence, clarity and connectedness in just 3 Steps

    – all taught by me.
    Take advantage of this special offer and get started putting your True Self back in charge of your life NOW. You will...

    • Be Stronger
    • Be More relaxed and assertive at work
    • Take on bigger challenges
    • Attract more business
    • Improve your revenues
    • Be Happier and healthier

    Click the link below and take control of your work stress and your blind spots.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

    I’ll take away any and all of your risk. Go through the whole program and use it for 30 days. Practice the tools I give you in the program daily as well as when you get triggered into high stress. If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the program, just send us an email asking for your money back and we'll be glad to give it to you. I don’t want you to have it if you are not completely satisfied because I want you to use it and tell your friends to buy it too.

    BONUS #1

    Dr. Sam's Live Q & A                FREE               (normally $49.97/mo.)

    I will be running a weekly Q & A Webinar to answer any questions people in the course have. You can use this time to sharpen the mental fitness tools I give you in the course. If you sign up now, this is complimentary. (I don't know how long this offer will last.) 

    BONUS #2

    $297 off Dr. Sam's 

    Flagship Course

    You will receive the equivalent amount - $297 - as a credit that you can use as a discount for my flagship program, Discover Your Custom-fit Business. This course guides entrepreneurs-at-heart to a business that is a best match for them. 

    BONUS #3

    Dr. Sam's Print Book FREE 

    You get a FREE copy of my highly acclaimed book, Live Your Dreams: Doctor's Orders. It describes how 40 people overcame their fears and obstacles to discover and start their own Dream Businesses and tips on how the reader can apply these lessons to their own life. 

    Here’s what Entrepreneurs are saying...

    Jack Canfield

    Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and Author of The Success Principles

    Dr. Samuel Gerstein walks his talk. His own journey of self-discovery led him to his dream of helping others find theirs.
    Tom Stoyan 

    Canada's Sales Coach

    To discover your dream, what's blocking or slowing you down; or to discover how to get where your heart wants to take you...and get there more quickly -call Dr. Sam. And call him first!
    Joan Barrington

    Founder, The Therapeutic Clown Program at The Hospital For Sick Kids

    Dr. Samuel Gerstein is very encouraging about his message of change and self fulfillment for all of us and how deciding to make this shift in our lives can bring happiness alongside great success. 
    Dr. Bahram Jam

    Director: Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute

    I can truly say that Sam Gerstein was life changing for me.
    Over 10 years ago he helped me discover my business
    direction and I have not looked back since.

    Dr. Sam Gerstein

    As former Chief of an Emergency Department, Dr. Sam Gerstein witnessed first-hand the toll work stress takes on people’s health. After over 20 years in the ER, he pivoted his practice to psychotherapy to focus on the total Mind-Body.

    In the last 13 years he has helped entrepreneurs-at-heart to first manage their work stress and burnout, and then guide them to identify and manage their own mental blind spots so they could leave dissatisfying jobs and discover and start their own custom-fit businesses to make a difference in the world. Now, as a Business Strategy Coach, he uses the same strategies to help even more entrepreneurs find their purpose and begin their Dream Business.  

    Well, hope is not a plan!

    If you still aren’t sure, let me tell you that most people hope they don’t face difficult clients, or hope they don’t fail or get rejected and when they do come up against one of these adverse events, they become overwhelmed and stressed out.

    With practice, my clients learn how to manage the parts of themselves that become triggered into fearful reactions and stress responses. You will begin to change the old disempowering conditioning and install new habits in your life. This will have dramatic effects not only in business and at work, but also in your income and profits, in your personal life and all of your relationships. 

    With this Just 3-steps Away from calm, confidence and clarity method, you no longer have to hope you don’t face adversity because you will have a method you can trust to deal with it.  

    Remember, with this method, you are always JUST 3 STEPS AWAY FROM CALM, CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and CONNECTEDNESS anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Click on the link to start using this method in your life.  

    Click the link below  to take advantage of this special offer and get started putting your True Self back in charge of your life NOW. 

    What Are You Waiting For?

    Let’s Improve Your Business Resilience Now!

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