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There Are 3 Types Of People Doing What They Love

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Doing what you love at work is so beneficial:

  • more happiness
  • less stress
  • better health
  • improved relationships
  • greater inner satisfaction
  • increased wealth
  • more productive
  • and many more benefits…

 You may be wondering, if it has so many benefits, why are so few people actively engaged in work that makes them feel good?

It’s because of the lessons and conditioning people have learned growing up. Too many times my clients tell me how their dreams were crushed by well-meaning (or not so well meaning) authority figures. They were told things like:

  • That’s not realistic
  • Who do you think you are?
  • That’s not going to pay the bills
  • You can do that as a hobby but that’s not a real job or the infamous
  • When are you going to grow up?

The people who say these things are in reality just projecting their own fears onto the person seeking advice. If you hear this enough times in your formative years, you will internalize this concept and believe it is true. What’s worse, you will then pass it onto your children unwittingly!

This is not about blame but awareness of how these messages get passed  down from generation to generation without even being consciously aware of what is happening. It is so insidious that I have had clients who didn’t even know they were harbouring secret dreams.

heart compassI believe the best way to help people find what they want to do in life is to go to the source – their FEELINGS. Feelings are like a compass that guide you to things you feel strongly about. However our society is filled with deep reverence for thoughts so our feeling compasses are often rusting away from non-use. Notice that each of the crushing pieces of advice above were THOUGHT statements and not FEELING observations. We are ruled by thoughts but neurologically, humans are controlled more by their feelings than by their thoughts. Despite the popularity of the thinking consciousness, we are more feeling beings than thinking beings.

I have found that most people in their Dream Business/Career   fall into one of three groups…

worker with pneumatic hammer drill equipment isolated on white

The first group know early on in their lives what they want and feel a burning desire to go after it. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best seller, Eat Pray Love, refers to them as “Jackhammers” because they hammer away at what they love. I agree when she says that these people are the minority.


Note: Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about another group she named “Hummingbirds”. She says they use curiousity to explore their life. She implies that these people get to sample from the smorgasbord of the feast that the world serves up and enjoy the adventure along the way. However curiousity is an intellectual  pursuit and can be a hit and miss approach. I have discovered a more direct route to find your Dream Business/Career even when you don’t have a burning desire.

owlI labeled the second group, the most common one, the “Night Owls”. That is because deep down, they are wise and patient and often have to see into the dark recesses of their mind to find clues from their past experiences and interactions with others to discover what moves them the most. These are not usually big “ah-ha” moment feelings filled with grandiose fireworks and intense desire. It is more subtle than that. It is something that repeatedly gives them a sense of inner peace and a feeling like they are coming home.

VehicleIf the “Jackhammers” grind through anything in their way and the “Night Owls” use their  steady Feeling compass to guide them to their true life path, then the third group, the “Vehicles”, are more focused on HOW they are travelling than WHAT they are doing or WHERE they are going. The “HOW” can be “teaching” or “speaking” or “starting companies”. They resonate with the HOW. For example, some people love to travel. It is not as important where they go. It is more important that they are travelling somewhere new. Their business or career could involve leading adventure expeditions,  buying and leasing out villas in exotic places, studying ancient ruins or interviewing and learning about various cultures around the globe. There could be an endless list of possibilities.

What all three groups have in common is that they use FEELINGS to identify their life direction. FEELINGS give us the juice of life, something that isn’t logical to the THINKING crowd, so they often don’t understand what you are saying. That’s all right as long as you understand it and follow your FEELINGS FIRST.

Did you use your FEELINGS compass to get into your current business or career? Which of the 3 groups do you belong to? Or is there another group that better fits you? Please post your comments below.

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