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“Low Self Esteem Can Lead To Low Income”

In my last blog I spoke about how this was the best time in the history of the world to make money as an entrepreneur. If that is the case, then why is that so many entrepreneurs struggle in this area? To find the real culprit you have to look at sales from the inside out.

There are a number of reasons. Some people don’t have a great product or service. Some don’t understand what their clients truly want and offer services that are not in high demand. And some people are uncomfortable marketing and selling their products and believe that if they make a great product it will sell. I think they have watched the movie, Field Of Dreams, too many times where the motto was, “if you build it, they will come.”

As mentioned in my last blog post, the world of business has indeed become smaller. However that brings with it a double edge sword. You have potentially more markets to sell to, however so does everyone else. The competition is greater. That is why it is harder and harder to get away with poor quality products because the world will hear about it faster. So I am going to assume that you have a very good product/service to sell.

Even if you do, that is just a start. You then have to tell others about it. I personally know a college professor who wrote a terrific book and had 2,000 copies delivered to her house. Two years later they were still there. The problem was that she was afraid to go out and tell people about her book. She said it wasn’t “professorial”. By that I think she meant it wasn’t dignified for her to sell her own book as if “selling” was a dirty word. That is as big a myth as the artist in my last blog post, who thinks that selling will cheapen her art.

Since when did sales people get such a bad rap?

 (As an aside, no matter what business you are in, you are always in sales. You have to sell yourself to your clients or boss or peers. You have to sell yourself to your potential niche market. And you have to sell yourself to your mate and friends. Everyone is in sales, whether they like it or not.)

I think that the “selling is undignified” excuse is a red herring for what truly ails people at their core. I believe that the majority of people are blocked by the person they see in the mirror. They don’t believe in themselves. Their subconscious mind – or I refer to it as your Personal Body Guard© because it is there to protect you from what it perceives as danger – tells them that they aren’t good enough, smart enough or strong enough to make it in business. When they look in the mirror they say to themselves,

“Who are you to think that you can be successful?”

                        “Who do you think you are?”

                        “You can’t compete with XYZ Inc.”

                        “Who are you kidding?”

It is these kind of phrases that take them down faster than you can say ‘low self esteem’.

We aren’t born with these beliefs, We are taught these by our culture, parents, friends and early childhood teachers and religious leaders. A good portion of society suffers from this kind of thinking about themselves, despite what they look like on the outside. Their Personal Body Guards© are programmed for low self esteem. 

 When you believe this about yourself you get into a vicious cycle.

Let’s say you created a new app for fitness which will help people do the right exercises at the proper effort for their fitness level. You believe it is a good idea and you have used it for yourself with success. You have other ideas for apps and other tools for fitness but you want to start with this one.

Now you want to market and sell this app. Because you think you aren’t worthy, you may approach the marketplace with fear. You make a half-hearted effort in marketing and selling your app to others. You get poor results and then wrongly conclude that people don’t want what you’re selling. The results only serve to reinforce your poor view of yourself. This leads to more fear and anxiety as you further approach the marketplace with trepidation. People pick up on this and hesitate to buy.

And your Vicious Cycle spins

Another scenario is when things aren’t going your way, you become angry at the potential clients and think, “what is wrong with them?! Can’t they see this is good for them?” You may say to yourself that they don’t know a good thing when they are staring at it and then throw your arms up in the air and walk away from your business.

In either scenario, your business struggles and will eventually wither away if this line of thinking continues.

 Imagine another scenario.

You acknowledge that your subconscious mind is telling you that you aren’t worthy. You understand that that voice in your head is not the REAL YOU (your True Self©) . You know that you can’t get rid of that voice but you can play with it. You say to yourself,

“Self, or Personal Body Guard©, thank you for trying to protect   me from danger. When I was growing up you must have repeatedly got the message that I wasn’t good enough, until one day you internalized it and began to believe it was true. I grew to believe that you were me and that I was you. Now I understand that your message about me says more about the people who put it there in my childhood than it says about me. It still hurts when I think of it but at least now I know it was not me they were talking about. The real me or my True Self© is more than good enough!”

Having put your Personal Body Guard© in its place, you feel better about your True Self©.

Now you go and make a video of someone using your app in the gym. They are smiling while they are getting fit. You then begin to tell others about it in tweets and other social media sites. You do a few radio spots on local TV shows or your own Youtube® channel that are promoting health and fitness. You network and cross promote your product with other people in the industry.

You tell friends and everyone you meet about it because you know it works. You brag about it not because you are conceited but because you don’t want to deprive anyone of a good thing that you have benefited from. You tell yourself that it is kind to be so generous with your knowledge. When they buy your app you thank them and tell yourself that you are worth it. Because you truly want to help many more people get into shape you understand that you must make money to spread the word and that earning income is not a dirty word. (another myth put out by your Personal Body Guard©).


And when your Personal Body Guard© starts to whisper in your ear that you aren’t good enough, you gently tell it that he is not speaking about you, this is a false alarm and to go look out for real danger.

When your app begins selling well, you say to yourself that you must be more than good enough to have such sales, which makes you feel even more confident. That leads you to expand your marketing efforts and circle of influence, which leads to even more sales.

This is your Virtuous Cycle

Do you see the difference between these two cycles? It is like day and night. Your beliefs, feelings, actions and results are completely different in each cycle. Most of the time, they emanate from the inside out.

So if you want to change your sales results don’t blame the economy, the sales process, your clients or yourself. Understand that your actions are probably Personal Body Guard© based and then move from the vicious to your virtuous cycle of your True Self©. Then watch your sales take off… 






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