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Many people say, “I have no clue what I should do with my life”. In fact, after speaking about life and work direction with aspiring entrepreneurs for over 12 years, I have found that people do have a lot of clues within themselves – it’s’ just that they have never been shown where to look for them.

These clues are hidden in your…

  • Childhood pastimes
  • Childhood and youthful dreams and imagination
  • Painful experiences
  • Inner secrets that you have been afraid to share with anyone – even your own family or partner
  • Moments of inner peace, flow and when time flies

One of the entrepreneurs I interviewed for my book, Live Your Dreams: Doctor’s Orders, Mark Gelgor, always loved playing sports as a child. He was quite good I n gymnastics and enjoyed cricket, tennis, squash and soccer. He had coached children in his native country of South Africa. However, when it came to going into business, jewellery made sense and he ended up managing a jewellery store. The stress of enduring some robberies and rising insurance premiums, he was burning out. He dreaded going to work.

Eventually he left the store and was looking for a new business. On a visit to Canada in the Spring and while attending a soccer game, he noticed children practicing in a nearby field who lacked the basic skills of the game. That brought him back to his own childhood in South Africa. He had always loved playing sports. And he participated in a multitude of sports including gymnastics, cricket, tennis, squash and soccer. The clues were there. It suddenly hit him – he would open a business teaching children the basic skills of different sports.

After starting with 3 children in a single location in Toronto, his company has grown to 900 locations across Canada, the USA and Singapore.

It could have saved him a decade of work stress and aggravation if he had had a method to uncover his Dream Career before he went into the jewellery business.

Live Your Dream at Work

Dr. Sam Gerstein

Business Strategy Coach, MD, Author