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Live Your Dreams: Doctor's Orders

In Live Your Dreams: Doctor's Orders, Samuel Gerstein walks his talk. As you will see from his personal story which begins the book, he was feeling the effects of work stress himself several years ago. His own journey of self discovery led him to his dream of helping others find theirs. I believe this book will inspire you to do the same. Read it if you are feeling lost, or if your work has little meaning. Read it if you are dissatisfied with or hate your job. Read it if you have given up hope that the majority of your adult life spent at work will ever be enjoyable or fulfilling."

Jack Canfield
“The SECRET”, Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series & Author of The Success Principles™

About Dr. Samuel Gerstein...

I started my career as a medical doctor in Emergency Medicine, treating patients with many physical pains and illnesses. After many years I began to see a significant number of these the physical symptoms were precipitated or worsened by work stress.

That's when I became interested in work stress - we spend more time at work than almost anything else in life yet work stress and work mismatch is pervasive. I figured we must be doing something wrong.

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