For Entrepreneurs Stuck at a Revenue Ceiling or in a Poor Career Fit 

I’m here to tell you that…

1. You can Do What You Love

2. In the Way You Love to Do It and

3. Increase Your Revenue

…All by Reconnecting with Your True Self.

Ill show you how!

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For those entrepreneurs-at-heart who feel stuck at a job that doesn’t fit them well…

Master The Mental Game Course 

(with Group Coaching)

This course will guide you to reconnect with your higher ‘True Self’ and begin managing those patterns that keep your stuck. This will give you the confidence and freedom to uncover your true potential in your career and/or business. 

Discover Your 

Dream Career Course (with Coaching)

Using this course, I will guide you to discover your own unique Dream Career. When you do, it will feel like a breath of fresh air and you’ll be inspired and excited to begin work in a career that gives you purpose. 



For those entrepreneurs who started their own business but are now stuck at a certain revenue level…

Business Mindset Strategy Coaching

Click on the link below to learn the #1 Factor stopping most entrepreneurs from unlocking their true potential in their business. Learn how you can overcome this block and I’ll create a customized plan for you to take your business to the next revenue level. 

 Dr. Samuel Gerstein walks his talk. His own journey of self-discovery led him to his dream of helping others find theirs.

Jack Canfield

Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul books

To discover your dream, what’s blocking or slowing you down; or to discover how to get where your heart wants to take you…and get there more quickly – call      Dr. Sam. And call him first!

Tom Stoyan

Canada’s Sales Coach’

I can truly say that Sam Gerstein was life changing for me. Over 10 years ago he helped me discover my business direction and I have not looked back since.

Dr. Bahram Jam

Director: Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute

Working with a Business Coach is easy

1. Schedule an intake call

In a 30-minute intake call, you and I will talk about your biggest challenges and what big goals you have for yourself and your business. 

2. Create a Plan

I will discuss with you the step-by-step plan of what you will be doing to transform your work life and take it to the next level. 

3. Make More Money Doing What You Love

In 6 months you will be surprised by your transformation. You will move from being stuck in your work to being free to choose what you love to do and make more money doing it. 

About Dr. Samuel Gerstein…

I started my career as a medical doctor in Emergency Medicine, treating patients with many physical pains and illnesses. After many years I began to see a significant number of these the physical symptoms were precipitated or worsened by work stress. That’s when I became interested in work stress – we spend more time at work than almost anything else in life yet over 2/3 of people are still at an uninspiring job, or doing what they don’t want to do in their own business – both stuck doing something that is a poor match for them. 

So, why do people keep doing it? After all, most people are smart enough to know that they aren’t enjoying what they’re doing. It’s because it’s not about logic – it’s about emotions and those strong negative emotions like frustration, worry and fear overwhelm their rational mind. I call those blocks, the Business Blind Spots.  

After interviewing over 120 entrepreneurs for my book, Live Your Dreams: Doctor’s Orders and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs in my private practice, I put together two comprehensive programs to help entrepreneurs discover, start and take their business to the next level. I now coach people through these programs and guide them to begin moving to their higher, authentic, True Self. In your True Self, you can better manage those Business Blind Spots. When you do, you will feel the freedom to start focusing on the work that matches your passions and purpose and find ways to delegate the rest. Work then transforms to a creative outlet and an adventure.