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Making A Million Dollars Is Not A Purpose

When I ask people what they want to be, some will tell me that they want to be a millionaire. That is all well and good but it is too vague and in-the-clouds thinking to be of any practical use… Continue reading

For Perfectionists – Slow Down In Order To Speed Up

In the old marketplace and still in current work requiring repetitive tasks, focusing on results may have increased the yield. However in the new marketplace, focusing on results can actually hurt your results. Faster is not better. Slowing down and understanding the unique needs of your customer will bring more rewards in the long run. Continue reading

Forget New Year’s Resolutions – Do This Instead

The biggest problem with New Year's Resolutions is that they are often based on willpower. If it is willpower doesn't stand a chance. Here's why... Continue reading

Let me tell you a story – the “stupid” broke 50 year old

In my first session with Mary (not her real name), a 50-year old mother of one, she told me that she is divorced, broke and stupid - and that was only the first 5 minutes of her first session... Continue reading

Riddle: How can you be good in your career but not at your career?

I have seen many people who are good at what they do - some, even very good. They learn and understand the key principles at work, work hard and even figure out ways to deal with worst case scenarios at work. In short, they learn the rules of the game they are playing - be it design, sales, marketing, managing or investing - and play it well. However, what they frequently don't do well is to look to see if they should even be playing in their particular game. People often can't see the forest for the trees... Continue reading

“Low Self Esteem Can Lead To Low Income”

...I believe that the majority of people are blocked by the person they see in the mirror. They don't believe in themselves. Their subconscious mind - or I refer to it as your Personal Body Guard© because it is there to protect you from what it perceives as danger - tells them that they aren't good enough... Continue reading

“Why NOW is the best time to make money”

There has never been a better time in the history of the world to make money. If fear of not making enough money is stopping you from going for your Dream Career, you will be interested in this blog post. So many people I speak with tell me that they would follow their dream if only they could make money doing it. The impression out there is that you either get a good job and earn decent income or follow your dream and struggle financially. However there is a third way (you can have your cake and eat it too) - do what you love and make money doing it. Continue reading

Discover Your Own Dream Career – Update

I have been enthusiastically working on my new on-line program – Discover Your Own Dream Career – and am excited about the launch in 2012.

It is a conglomeration of the techniques and tools I use in my private practice.… Continue reading

Play Your ‘A’ Game in life

Everyone has two parts to themselves:

Their ‘A’ game (their better self) and Their ‘B’ game (their lesser self).

Many people are playing their ‘B’ game but they don’t have to.

Learn how to play your ‘A’ game more often.


Don’t be fooled by people’s “outsides”

Many people compare themselves to what they see on the outside of others. Then they try to fix their “outside”. This formula will never work because the truth is on the  inside.