We All Want To Be In Our Dream Career

So, What's Stopping Most People from Pursuing it? 

What's the Missing Link?

What is a Dream Career?

  • It is a business that allows you to express who you really are because it is aligned with your real talents, passions and purpose.
  • It needs to grow and earn profits if you want to keep doing what you love but it's sole purpose is not that.    
  • It's main purpose is to service your clients with a product or service that makes you feel that you are contributing something meaningful to your clients.

It is a Win-Win-Win proposition:

- You win because you are doing something that aligns with your true self
- Your clients win because when you are accentuating your strengths and unique talents.
- Your business wins because continued learning and growth will keep it financially sustainable 

Benefits of following your Dream Career...

  • You will get out of the boring routine of work and into one that energizes you and makes you feel alive again.
  • It cuts your work stress significantly and decrease your anxiety and depression risk;
  • It lessens your risk of many illnesses including back pain, migraine headaches, high blood pressure and heart disease
  • You will wake up your creative, talented self that has been lying dormant within you for years.
  • It will motivate you from the inside out because you will be innately interested in learning more about the work you truly believe in.
  • You will unlock your true potential when you are doing work that matches with your real talents, passions, and purpose.
  • The enthusiasm from work will spill over to your home life and other relationships.
  • You will also be happier, feel more valued and fulfilled.
  • You will feel a sense of inner peace when you align your work with your true self.

However - Look at the Stats

  • Only 30% of Canadians and Americans are engaged at work. (That drops to 15% when looking worldwide) 
  • Job stress is estimated to cost U.S. Industry $300 billion annually - > 20X the cost of all strikes combined
  • 40% of workers report their job is "very or extremely stressful" and one-fourth of employees view their jobs as the No. 1 stress in their lives.
  • 26% of workers report they are "often or very often burned out or stressed by their work." 

So, What's the Problem?

With such tremendous upside and little downside to getting into your own Dream Career, 

there are only 2 reasons people wouldn't pursue this:  

1. Fear and 2. Not knowing What You Want To Do...

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