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THE JUST 3 STEPS AWAY (from Calm and Confidence) Program

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Sam Gerstein may have used insights from his medical psychotherapy practice in this program but he is not serving in the capacity of a medical doctor or psychotherapist in any way in any part of this program. In addition, the information, advice and strategies used in this program shall in no way be taken as medical advice. 

Any personal concerns you have about your mental or physical health or the stress you are experiencing from your career should be investigated with the help of a trained professional in the appropriate health care and/or career counselling fields. Dreams For Real Inc. assumes no responsibility for the direction you choose to pursue or not pursue. Understand that you do this at your own volition and assume all of the risks involved.

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This website gives no guarantee of success or of reproducing any of the results achieved by the people featured here or by following the tips or information posted herein. In fact, one of the key concepts at Dreams For Real Inc. is that people’s lives are as unique as the people themselves. No one can tell you what to do. That comes from within. Use this website to stimulate your own thought process of what may be right for you. It is the responsibility of each user to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice, or other content available through and from this website.

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Who is this program not for?

  • This program is not for people who don’t take responsibility for their own situation in life or if you are looking for someone to blame for your own stress level. We are all going to face difficult people in our personal and professional lives.
  • This program is not for people who want a magic trick for their stress. This program teaches you the 3 steps to manage your stress, but you have to continually put them into practice to get results.
  • This program is not for people who have more severe symptoms, including but not limited to:

                   - People who are paranoid and believe that most people are out to get them.

                   - People who have difficulty recognizing, identifying and describing their emotions. This is called                         alexithymia. You will have trouble even noticing your stress.

                   - People who often feel the following symptoms when stressed:

                         - Numb, disconnected from self and others, hopeless, dizzy, nausea, blurred vision, limp limbs                             and/or foggy thinking. This indicates that there very well might be trauma or attachment                                   issues in your childhood.

If you have any of the above symptoms you need professional help and you should consult a professional psychotherapist, psychiatrist or psychologist for assistance.

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